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Transporting dogs in your camper?

Offline NathanRussell


Hi all,
My first post, so please go easy on me Smile
So, we've decided that a campervan might be ideal for us (never had one before) and are thinking something new'ish like a T5 or maybe a T6; and we're in the process of doing lots of research etc.

We have 3 dogs, and at the moment they go on the backseat of my car in a 'hammock' type thing - basically this type of thing:

It essentially creates a U shaped 'hammock' using the headrests of the front and back seats as anchor points; and there are gaps in the material for the rear seat belt sockets to poke through, which we then attach the dogs to (special lead that has a seat belt end and clips to their collars)

Anyway I don't think this will work in a camper because whilst there is a rear seat, the front seats are a long way forward so the headrest attachment wont reach, and if it did it wouldn't be supported properly.

So I'm trying to understand how we'll take the dogs with us, and the safety implications of that:
  • I don't like the idea of them just being on the back seat connected to the seat belt via their lead because if they fell off the seat we wouldnt be able to turn round and help them.
  • And I dont like the idea of them just roaming round the back of the van on the floor (not whilst we drive anyway)
  • We're looking at campers that have a bench / dual seat as the front passenger seat, but that would only accommodate my wife and one of the dogs

How do other people transport dogs in their campers?


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