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T2 Door repair | Hinge damage

Offline ianos


hi all,

Im looking at buying a T2 but one of the doors has been damaged when a gust of wind took it and has bent the hinges... the door opens and closes albeit with a slight metal on metal clicking.. needless to day, it will need to be repaird an I'd rather try to have it replaired rather than replaced. (pic attached)

If anyone knows good body specialists in the UK who might be able to rescue the door - do share.

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Offline asp1205



I don't know where you live, but if you are Midlands based, you might want to speak to Steve Johnson at Turnpost Farm, East Rd, Wymeswold, Leicestershire LE12 6ST,

Phone: (01509) 889 552

Web:   https://www.johnsonautoworks.com/

His work is first rate (I have seen it), but it is a bit pricey. He is very busy and there could be a  considerable wait to get your van looked at.

Otherwise, ask around locally. Smaller workshops can be great value - and do an excellent job - for smaller repairs.

Good luck


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