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VW retro camper needed as wedding car....

Offline Natasha626


Hi Everyone 

Im new to VWcamper, i am getting married on 1st June and am still in need of a wedding car. 

Now, we are doing this all our way and completely untraditional so we are actually getting ready and travelling together. 

We need a pick up on 1st June from The White Lion pub in Yate, Bristol to then take us to Poole Court, Yate (literally only 0.5 mile distance). Then wait for ceremony to finish, have the camper in pictures. Then drop us back to White Lion. 

So mileage is literally minimal but will need someone and the camper for say 2 hours. 

Is there anyone who would be able and willing to do this. 

Happy to discuss payment.

Offline Phil


Send me a PM with your phone number... or reach out via Twitter @vw_camper_forum

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