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Buy an Ocean or converted Transporter?

Offline Louiseh


Hi there,

My husband and I are beginning our search in to the world of VW camper vans. The first question we have is whether to go for a California Ocean or with a Transporter which has been professionally converted (and if so which converter companies are best)?

Secondly, when looking at second hand what sort of mileage should we be looking for i.e. what's a comfortable mileage clocked up that would still give us years ahead of adventuring with the vehicle?

Many thanks,


Offline BurmaBaines


Hi Louise.
I decided to get a VW camper January 2018 and did 12 months of research before landing on the one I have. I think the thing to do is research what things are available with both the van and the conversion. There's a very large range of options on both. There was a few things that we wanted that the standard cali didn't have. We also didn't like the chest fridge or the rhs sliding door. All VW campers hold their value very well and perhaps Cali's even more so (I'm guessing.) With a custom conversion you get exactly what you want but have to go through the hassle of specifying everything to the convertor, waiting to get it booked in and having to wait whilst it gets converted. Ideally, finding the right van with all the conversion specs you want (and possibly more) from a quality custom convertor that hasn't seen much use. If you have 78k to spend on one, I can point you to a convertor that I got mine off. Mine was 55k but on a T5. A couple of same specced vans are on sale there but on T6's and are ex-demo.
That's an awful lot of money though, so shop around and see if anything fits your requirements.
As to mileage, I'm no expert but we were looking at sub 50k with full service history and responsible owners.

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