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Child seats and seat belts in T2 camper.

Offline marksuts


Hi all

I have a 4 year old and another on the way and wanted to fit two child seats. I have lap straps in the back but wondered if getting 3 point seat belts would he safer.

Has anyone dealt with the same issue?

I was thinking to get belts fitted over the rock and roll seat. I've seen the long ones Justkampers sell or a local garage suggested fitting a removable central pillar. 

Alternatively I know there are seats suitable for just lapstraps.

Am a bit bewildered over all the alternatives.

Am in W Lancs. Campervan is Devon conversion with fitted wood cabinets on one side.

Regards all and thanks for reading,


Offline Phil


So hard in a Bay, Mark. Having two young children, it's the reason I didn't buy one.

Sure, there are companies that will fit three-pointers - but one could argue that the van wasn't designed for it.

If it was me, I buy a new rock 'n roll, with three pointers fitted to the seat.

Make sure you get once that is crash tested - we have an advertiser that has a seat. Not sure if they do Bay, so better to phone.

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